Top Bathroom Fittings Brands in India

Top Bathroom Fittings Brands in India


Kohler is one of the most popular Bathroom Fittings brands in India. It was established in 1883 and has expanded to become one of the leading names in the industry. The company is well known for its innovative designs and quality products. Founded by a German, Kohler has more than 13,000 patents to its name. The company's main focus is customer satisfaction. They have made it a point to improve the quality of their products and their manufacturing facility is located in Gujarat.


TOTO is a well-known sanitaryware brand from Japan. The company started in 1952 and has eight factories in India. The products from TOTO are known for their style and functionality. They are one of the best Bathroom Fittings brands in India. Their range includes commodes, wash basins, and storage. Their offerings cover all aspects of a bathroom. 


The Jaquar group is based in India and has operations in 45 countries. The company produces sanitary ware, faucets, and showers and has several lighting products. The group has more than 10000 employees and produces twenty-eight million bathroom fittings annually. Essco and Artize are the company's other brands. They have a large range of products for the residential and commercial sectors. You can find a wide variety of Jaquar fittings from their website.


Johnson is a bathroom fittings manufacturer from India. Their line of products are designed with international appeal in mind. These sanitary wares are highly durable and germ-free. They also have a customer support app so you can purchase the products you need. They also offer 24 hour service. The Johnson brand is a top choice for customers who want to have a luxurious bathroom fitouts brand. It is important to choose a bathroom fittings brand that will complement the decor of your home.


Hindware is one of the oldest and largest sanitary manufacturers in India. The company has a manufacturing capacity of over three thousand metric tons. They have more than 150 product lines, from premium sanitary to bathtubs. Whether you need a shower or a bathtub, Hindware has you covered. There's a bathroom fittings brand for every taste. A good selection will leave you impressed and satisfied with your new purchase.


Another excellent brand that manufactures bathroom fittings in India is Neycer. This Tamil-based company offers a wide variety of products to satisfy all types of customers. They produce wall-hung and table-top wash basins, as well as a sanitary closet and an EWC. In addition to the high-end products, Neycer also offers a vast selection of accessories and plumbing fixtures to transform a traditional bathroom into a modern one.

A good choice.

Kohler has many sanitary fittings brands in India. They have a global presence and operate from over 40 locations. They specialize in sinks, toilets, showers, and kitchen fittings. Their Artist Edition line is particularly high-end and features unique designs. Meanwhile, Jaquar is a leading manufacturer of sanitary and bathroom fittings in India. With five manufacturing plants in the country, Jaquar's products are available throughout the country.

Hindware is one of the best-known Indian bathroom fittings brands. Its products include table-top basins and counter basins. Its standalone products include the Intrica Flora and Intrica goldi. There are several other sanitary fittings brands in India that can provide a great selection of designs. Once you have found the right brand, you can now focus on the other essentials of your bathroom.

Other Notable Brands

RAKceramics is another designer bathroom fittings brand in India. The brand has a wide range of sanitary products, including urinals and other water closets. Their popular wash basins include RAC-OPULENCE and RAC-MISTRAL. 

CERAwas originally a home decor brand in India and has expanded its offerings to bathroom fittings in the country. Its entire range of bathroom fittings is characterized by European rustic charm. Its popularity has increased in recent years. Its products are available at all price ranges, and a large variety of styles and designs is available.

VIRAis also known for making a wide range of quality sanitary products.