Top Signs Which Tell You Need to Change Your Old Bathroom Vanities

Top Signs Which Tell You Need to Change Your Old Bathroom Vanities

Abathroom vanity is perhaps the most interesting thing you will notice in the wet zone of your house. It has been adding to the beauty and utility of a bathroom which couldn't have been a more dignified and utilitarian space.

However, like other parts of the house the bathroom too may start looking old after around 15-20 years of living in it. Different parts of the bathroom too start appearing worn out such that the space completely turns into an eye-sore. No one would ever want to enter a wet zone that looks dingy and unimpressive.

Among various different elements of a bathroom the vanity too needs an upgrade from time to time. The bathroom vanity is not an exception either.

The importance of upgrading your bathroom vanity unit

However, most of the times, people delay in upgrading their bathroom which only worsens situations. There are even times when owners wonder about the right time when its ideally good to change the existing bathroom vanities wholesale.

Basically, there are some distinct signs which make it evident for you that the discount bathroom vanities need to be replaced soon. We will like to share a secret in this regard. The signs are almost the same when it comes to changing the shaker kitchen cabinets of your favourite place- the kitchen.

Coming back to the topic, we will like to explain the top signs which indicate, you soon need to refurbish your bathroom with a new bathroom vanity unit:

When its time you sell the property

Remodelling is one of the best ways to contribute to the resale value of a property. One of the common areas that need an upgrade is the bathroom and a bathroom vanity is the absolutely the right thing to add into the wet zone of the house if you want to lure interest of a client during their property tour.

When mould starts to infest the area

Mould infestation is perhaps the most dangerous thing for a property. Moulds spread fast to other regions of a house like the surrounding and adjacent walls, the air vents and more. Since the bathroom is a wet zone, the existing bathroom vanity is likely to get exposed to water every day, which causes mildew and mould to turn the furniture into a breeding ground. If you have spotted mould or mildew in the furniture, get it replaced with a new one.

If you want to provide an antique touch to the bathroom, then vanities with antique-style hardware can be considered.

When the vanity looks boring and outdated

Whether you will realise this or not but your entire efforts and money that you have thought of spending on the bathroom renovation project is likely to go in vain when you have missed out in upgrading the bathroom vanity while you get other things in the wet zone of your house changed.

Even though you might get new faucets, a new toilet, fabulous flooring, an elegant shower and a beautiful bath but if you overrule the bathroom vanity, your project will come down to zero. Soon the old vanity will sit like it's the odd one out. Now, this should be a strong reason why you must get the bathroom vanity changed.

Other reasons like the vanity obstructing the plumbing system of your bathroom, the pipes getting rusty and an oversized or undersized vanity cabinet may prompt you to change the old furniture. It's just like how you would replace your old kitchen cabinets with new shaker kitchen cabinets to transform the looks and feel of your cooking zone. Whether its bathroom vanities or a new set of white shaker style cabinets , bring them in if you want to add style to the two most important spaces of your house.